About Us

Kudlik Construction Ltd. is a construction company operating in civil engineering, earthwork, decontamination and building, specifically in the Nunavut Territory.

Kudlik Construction Ltd – Our history

Founded in 1982, Kudlik Construction Ltd. really took off at the beginning of the 1990s with a project in Repulse Bay. Kudlik Construction Ltd. is an Inuit firm complying with the legal requirements to carry on business in Nunavut. Moreover, the company meets the criteria of the Nunavummi Nangminiqaqtunik Ikajuuti Policy (NNI) and is therefore recognized as an Inuit goods and services supplier.

Cumulative experiences have given Kudlik Construction Ltd. the ability to handle a multitude of projects in several fields of construction activities including: roads, airport infrastructures, sewer and water distribution, wharfs, dams, various sizes of buildings and bridges. This know-how is supported by a team of dedicated project supervisors and field crews with decades of experience in northern projects, which forms the workforce of Kudlik Construction Ltd. Furthermore, many engineers, qualified in all fields of construction activities, support the work on site and strive to deliver the product required in a timely manner to meet and exceed the expectations of the customers, while keeping a safe work site for the workers.

In addition to its manpower, Kudlik Construction Ltd. is the owner of a wide range of heavy equipment available across the Nunavut. Its fleet consists of over 300 pieces of heavy equipment, which has been continually upgraded over the years and is kept in excellent working condition to respect the environmental fragility of this territory.

Through the different projects that Kudlik Construction Ltd. has been involved with, the company has gained valuable experience and is equipped with a thorough understanding of what a northern project entails, such as working within a prescribed budget, organization, logistics, mobilization, time frame and working in remote areas.

A product of Inuit culture, Kudlik Construction Ltd aims to immerse employees in the values that give the company its competitive edge. Senior managers promote RESPECT for the environment and workers, CONSCIOUS awareness of actions and their consequences, RIGOUR in the application of processes and good work practices, and a spirit of COLLABORATION between internal and external partners. Finally, managers and employees alike agree on the importance of LOYALTY in ensuring continued value for everyone.

With its head office in Iqaluit, Kudlik Construction Ltd. is a corporate ambassador for the activities in Nunavut, and is proud to say it is committed to involve local people in participating in the development of their community. As a result, Kudlik Construction Ltd. has built a large network of qualified and experienced people across the Nunavut Territory.

Health and safety at work

At Kudlik Consutrction ltd., we consider the health and safety of our personnel and of the public as one of our fundamental values. Our objective as a company is to make sure to respect the laws and legal and moral obligations in matters of health and safety, all while offering our clientele high-quality service. Thus, we put into place various means to protect everyone’s safety.

To do this, we undertake to provide all the necessary means (equipment, material, training and necessary supervision) in order to prevent any accident risks. We are responsible for training and informing our personnel and our sub-contractors in matters of health and safety, by putting into place a prevention program.

All of our personnel, sub-contractors, visitors and suppliers present on the work premises must apply and respect the company’s prevention program.

We ask all personnel to actively collaborate in the application of this policy by identifying the dangers present in the workplace.